Brothers In the Basement

Our Focus: 

Welcome to BiB! Please Join the Show! 

A Message From the Brothers!

This is our Free Space to Talk About Trending Topics, Conduct Guest Interviews, and Enjoy Each Other’s Company. We refuse to stumble others.

Our podcast is straight outta our basement, were not screaming from the rooftops. The joy comes from not having to be in the limelight. We will always be ourselves and remain true to our core beliefs.

Our Motto:









The reason we are in the basement:  

We welcome all to this basement! This is where we reflect on past stories and provide a relaxed atmosphere for all to chill out. While we will never shy away from debate we try to spit our truths with respect for each other. Like an OG/PG barbershop be prepped to learn something in a fun environment.

Come Kick it With BiB While we Reminisce,  Share Some Inside Jokes, and Build Relationships.  We’re So Glad to Have Ya!

Come Join us and learn about your brothers!