Who Are the Brothers? Are They Actually Brothers?

Welcome to team “A” 

Roc provides unique antics that keep the show on tilt. His humor is special in a special way. As the chortling rambler he is the rock that is thrown into still water. As one of the foundations of the group he uses his cantankerous attitude to push the brothers to their brink. Come kick it Reuben in this hilarious sometimes serious new show.

Sound design and audio mix. Each episode you hear is produced by this brother.




He’s professional! He’s insanely cool!  And he’s simply on of the most entertaining ‘interviewers’ you will ever hear in the podcast world! But in reality, J-Bo is just your average, ordinary, podcaster. He’s so lovable, you’ll beg him to come baby-sit your kids!!

Social media, Web-Marketing and design. This brother manages every aspect of external communications outside of the show.



Come listen to the best stories from team “Bee”! Brandon “Beeztng” Shaw is the busiest “bee” on the  BiB crew. Bee is a founding member of this podcast he’s the bass guitarist for Grenz N Frenz,an adventurer, biker, electronics nut, homebrewer, gamer & family man. It’s always a good time when Bee is in the House!

Show design and quality. Each episode gets the thumbs up or thumbs down by this brother.