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  • 3 Prong Day
    Today is a Good 'Day' with Brothers In The Basement! The Brothers Invite a Very Special Guest- Phil Day to the Show. J-Bo is Late Again; The Brothers and Phil Discuss Motorcycles, Fork Structures, and Roc's New Job; BiB Brings Perspective.Support the show ( )
  • Air Quotes/Witness Protection
    Words Truly Can't Describe What You are About to Hear! Brothers In The Basement Brings Back 'Air Quotes' by Jordan Wheeler' and Introduces a New Show...'Witness Protection' by PJ Widger. Strap-in and Tune-in to the Hilarity that is PJ as He Dives Deep Into His Therapy Regiment. Disclaimer: All content on this Show was produced […]
  • BiB to AQ
    Brothers In The Basement Fan Reach-Out; Roc Reveals Internal Drama, Conflict, and Set Backs; Air Quotes by Jordan Wheeler Conducts His First Official Interview with J-Bo; Everyone Has that Favorite Uncle; More Drama Talk.  Support the show ( )
  • Jobs And "Spirit-ed” Confession Part 2
    Still Love Your Job? Brothers In The Basement are Back with Part 2! Download the Episode Now and Listen In as Roc & J-Bo Reveal the Necessary Steps to Attain Job Satisfaction; Revolving Guest Jordan Wheeler Relates a ‘Spirit-ed' Confession. Support the show ( )

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