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  • Welcome Back!
    Don't Call It a Come Back, We've Been Here for a Year... and Now It's Official; Your Brothers In The Basement are Back! Yes We Went Dark for a Bit, We Lost Jobs, We Studied Hard, We Upgraded Equipment, and We Learned Some Valuable Lessons Along the Way. Check Your Internet Status, and then Relax […]
  • Air Quotes - Good Therapy
    Brothers In The Basement Introduces "Air Quotes-Good Therapy" to the Podcast World; Technical Issues Abound as Air Quotes Hosts -Jordan and PJ Discuss Therapy Options; J-Bo's Insightful Interview; The Un-Written Rules of Restroom Talk. Please Read This Disclaimer... "Air Quotes- Good Therapy" content on this Show was produced and created Purely for Entertainment Purposes Only […]
  • BiB's Season 1 Recap -Guest Appreciation
    December 29, 2019"All Good Things..." Yes, Brothers in the Basement Podcast Season 1 Has Officially Come to its Fruition! We've Learned a Ton About Ourselves, Our Guests, and You -Our Loyal Fans! We've Listened to Your Feedback, and We're Coming Back Strong in January of 2020 for the Release of Season 2 Episodes! Tune in […]
  • Where You At?
    Hey BiB Fans! Your Brothers in the Basement Podcast is Coming Back to Start Season 2 Very Soon! Please Stay Tuned for the Next Wild Ride!Support the show

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