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  • Jamal
    Tempers fly and all goes awry when we say goodbye. The penultimate episode for season 2 has arrived. After a crazy covid summer comes to a close your bib buddies revisit some good times from back in the day.Enjoy the funny.Managing is hard at times, especially when it all goes wrong. Jamal quits is a […]
  • The mothership
    The world has gone crazy once again so it's time for a laugh. Your brothers in the basement invite Margaret back into the studio for more story time. Welcome back.#nocovid#Bib#saferathomeSupport the show ( )
  • May 4th's stupid movie
    Stupid movies no body would ever watch. #Maria. AKA starwars. Come kick it with your brother as we rant and rave about the old star wars movies. This little nugget was held just for today. May the 4th! Old vs new it's all up in the air- space joke).J-bo break's down this iconic franchise while […]
  • Go home!
    Wanna hear a story? Rocstars mom, the original storyteller enters the basement to tell some embarrassing stories. Let em rip! Margaret comes to in to remind you of your momma. Stay tuned and listen in for a nice history lesson. Margaret comes in for a chat and crushed it.¬†Join your Brothers in the Basement as […]

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