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  • Where have you been?
    Your brothers are back to start the next season. Season 2 is right around the corner. Stay tuned for the next wild ride.Your B.i.B brothers come back into the studio to start up the next round of tomfoolery! Before we do we needed to set the record straight. J-Bo don't get us in trouble. You're […]
  • Somethin Ain't Right!
    Bee's Fare-Well Episode! What Does It Take to Compete in a Sibling-Rivalry? Diaper Sabotage? Glitter Bombs? Configure Your Wi-Fi and Activate That Bluetooth Audio! Seriously, You Don't Want to Miss The Best Sibling-Rivalry Revenge Story Ever Heard!
  • Broken Coccyx
    The Brothers Discuss America's #1 Leading (and Most Disgusting) Condiment -Mayonnaise; Bee Breaks His Coccyx; The Brothers Share Their Most Memorable and Painful Injuries.
  • Grown Man Problems
    J-Bo and Bee Recall Their First Experiences with Prostate Exams; Bee Visits the Dermatologist; Roc's a Regular Guy; Sports Talk with Special Guest - Mathew Gallegos.

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