Brothers in the Basement

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  • Somethin Ain't Right!
    Bee's Fare-Well Episode! What Does It Take to Compete in a Sibling-Rivalry? Diaper Sabotage? Glitter Bombs? Configure Your Wi-Fi and Activate That Bluetooth Audio! Seriously, You Don't Want to Miss The Best Sibling-Rivalry Revenge Story Ever Heard!
  • Broken Coccyx
    The Brothers Discuss America's #1 Leading (and Most Disgusting) Condiment -Mayonnaise; Bee Breaks His Coccyx; The Brothers Share Their Most Memorable and Painful Injuries.
  • Grown Man Problems
    J-Bo and Bee Recall Their First Experiences with Prostate Exams; Bee Visits the Dermatologist; Roc's a Regular Guy; Sports Talk with Special Guest - Mathew Gallegos.
  • Downing 2/3rd's a Magnum!
    'Bee' aka 'Old Man Leroy' Defines His Role as a BiB Member; Mad Respect for All the Work 'Roc' Produces; The Brother's Best Story Teller Relates the Devastation of Losing 2/3rd's His Magnum; Liv's Got a Story over Lost Cream-Cheese; Special Outro = Hi-jinx!

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